Natural takes at least three months and most people are impatient for results.
Results that come through the natural re-balancing of the skin are long lasting.

Chemical creams may make your skin feel wonderful tonight but often by tomorrow your skin feel the same, dry and draggy. With truly natural skin care you skin will feel a little better each day, and provided you don�t use soaps and dishwashing liquids and chemicals on your skin, it will continue to get better and better until it always feels soft

AND if you did happen to not use a product for a few days it would have little effect.

A quick way to prove this point is with lip balm. Use a petrochemical lip balm for a few days and you will always be using it , every hour or so your lips will feel dry and so you will put on more. People say I can�t live without my lipbalm..my lips get so dry.

If you use a natural beeswax based lip balm not only do the essential oils plump up your lips and soften them but the beeswax protects them and so after using the lip balm a few times to re-balance and build up protection, you will never need to use it more than once or twice a day.
Lipstick does not nourish your lips, but tends to dry them out a bit, so use lip balm a few minutes before using your lipstick.

At Green Mud we believe that keeping things absolutely natural lessens chemical impact on all of your body...Your skin being the biggest organ absorbs a lot of chemicals if you allow it, this can adversly effect your internal organs and subsequently your overall health

Although I have been making skin care since 1992, It took a lot of refining and after much research and trials and trying of various recipes, I started selling Green Mud in 2006.
The Green Mud recipes are all my own and I am happy to say that I personally mix every batch of Green Mud.

I have now moved to the United Kingdom and am happy to release my products here. Contact Me 07856714539 or email on info@greenmudonline.com

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