HANDMADE: Focal Bathing assists you to focus on what you need. Made predominately of Dead Sea salts with grapeseed, avocado to soften. Bergamot which promotes CONFIDENCE with refreshing, sweet orange, lime and lemon myrtle oils. REJUVENATING exhilarating. Scrub all over to remove dead cells and to massage the body, stimulating blood flow.

size 100ml £4.50 post free*

HANDMADE:All the fragrance of the Australian Bush. Focuses on Awaking and Energising. Envigorating and refreshing, morning bath or before a night on the town. Dead sea salts, salts eucalytus leaves, eucalyptus, tea tree, & peppermint.oils

size 100ml £4.50 post free*

HANDMADE:Focuses on RELAXING and DETOXING. Great antioxidant weightless bath therapy with dead sea salts, avocado oil, GREEN TEA, nettle; lemon myrtle; green tea extract, lavender. epsom salts

size 100ml £4.50 post free*

HANDMADE:Fabulously fruity; Get an all over glow. Dead sea salts, bath salts, pina colada tea, mango, grapefruit, lime epsom salts

100ml£4.50 post free*

HANDMADE: Pure Dead Sea Mud Improves blood circulation and natural skin generation. DETOXES as you relax. Cleanses the skin and remove any dirt particles, impurities and toxins. Proven to provide effective relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and wrinkles. Moisturizes your skin and helps natural skin hydration. Afterward skin is so soft. Gently peels away dead skin cells to reveal more youthful, healthier skin layer. Can be mixed with Australian Clays and Essential Oils to make other Skin Care Face Masks. Makes about 5 masks

size 30ml £5.50 In sachet so is sent totally post free

HANDMADE: Want to make your own weightless bath salts, just buy plain DEAD SEA SALTS and add the oils, flowers and herbs you like best

size 100gr bag £ 4.00 post free*

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