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HANDMADE: Made especially for SENSITIVE mature skin which is also a little OILY. This product has five main ingredient,. including Aloe Vera; Evening Primrose (which also penetrates the layers and encourages fast re-growth) and Vitamin E.
This is a light but extremely nourishing cream. Extreme Care can be used Day or Night

size60ml £15.00 post free*

HANDMADE: Made especially for SENSITIVE mature skin which is also a DRY this product has the same ingredients as Extreme Care above PLUS carrotseed pomegranate and green tea, which has 200 times more antioxidant than vitamin C, and chamomile to soothe.

This is a light but extremely nourishing cream, has all of the ingredients of Extreme Care plus three extra nourishing ingredients, carrot seed oil, jojoba oil and chamomile which are needful for dry skin. Extreme Care plus can be used Day or Night

size 60ml £15.00 post free*

HANDMADE: Kakadu plum has the highest vitamin C content in the world and we added Seabuckthorne with it 120 vitamins and minerals, plus all the ingredients of the Day Creams.

Anti-oxidants in skin care track down and destroy free radicals, major cause of Skin cancer. It is the Vitamins and minerals, nourishing your skin which will encourage it to re-build slowly, feeding your skin for hours, while you sleep.

size 30ml £12.00 post free*

HANDMADE: A light and delicate eye cream that nourishes, without dragging. Gentle aloe vera being its main ingredient, with the addition of eyebright that is renown for helping the eyes and eye area. Silk powder nourishes and gives a silky feel to this delicate area

size 15ml £7.50 post free*

HANDMADE:Soft, Natural, Nourishing and protective. Shea butter is the foremost natural softening ingredient. Vitamin E keeps lips full, Aloe Vera encourages deep absorbtion. Apply Shea Lip Balm only once a day under normal circumstances, twice if in widy or drying conditions. Has the jojoba oil for protection again harsh climates. With regular use of this rich lip balm your lips will remain kissable well into old age. Shea Lip Balm can be used Day or Night

size 15ml £6.50 post free*

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