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At Green Mud, we like to listen to our customers and welcome the feedback, so if you have any questions please refer them to

Q: Are your products organic? Although some of the ingredients are certified organic, some ingredients are exotic ( meaning these plants can only be grown in countries forming part of the middle east or asia or Africa) As their certification is not as stringent as ours we cannot be sure that all our organic rules are adhered to.
Therefore I prefer to call my skincare Natural.

Q: What exactly does the claim ORGANIC mean? A: Unfortunately the term ORGANIC is used very loosely nowadays. For a plant to be truly organic, it must be grown in soil that has been organically farmed for three years. No animal manure, no synthetics or chemical fertilizer, no pesticides for three years. Now that is a big ask. Many of our products come from trees, such as olive, argan, baobab, they may be twenty, thirty, or even a hundred years old?who knows what went on them, what grazed around them.
The fruit produced this year will be fed from branches decades old?.and so on.
Seabuckthorn is wild and not farmed. Evening primrose is a wild weed. Frankincense is a wild old tree from the middle east, that they have milked for years????Only plants that are farmed such as aloe vera, lavender and wheatgerm can truly be called ?organic?
And How can we here in Australia govern what they do in Africa?

Q: I?d love to use Green Mud Skincare but I really want to make my own-can I get or buy your Green Mud recipes? A: Not exactly, they are deep secret recipes, known only to myself. However you can make your own skincare with the very same ingredients.
Go to Create Your Own Skincare and your will find there ingredients galore, including skin actives, containers equipment and even some starter recipes. Can?t say fairer than that.

Q: I want to pay by credit card buy I am not a PAYPAL member. A: You can still use Paypal (they have been around for years as a third party credit card security) but you will have to fill in your details everytime you make a purchase.
If you are a Paypal member you just have to fill in your paypal user name and password and you are finished. They will handle the whole transaction for you at NO COST TO YOU.

Q: Is there any other way to pay except by PayPal A: Certainly you may pay by direct debit into a bank account via your bank counter or over the internet.
Simply send me an email requesting this type of transaction and leaving a mobile phone number and I will text you with details

last updated 9th March 2011

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