Yet another beauty enhancing ingredient from the east

- Silk Powder for Cosmetics. Silk Powder can actually do wonders for cosmetics and many cosmetic brands have widely started using them also.

Several remarkable properties are linked with silk powder and experts have just begun to discover them.
Actually, this is the most highly treasured natural powder and has been used for centuries in the traditional Asian beauty therapies.
The property of silk powder which makes it so useful and unique is its ability to hold skin moisture regardless of the environment around the person.

Grain size and smoothness is optimum.
The chief ingredient of natural skin powder contains a balanced mix of proteins and almost twenty five amino acids. Calcium is also abundant. Silk powder is natural, healthy and absolutely devoid of chemicals?

Not only does silk powder for cosmetics act as a natural sun screen, it aids in promoting glowing skin and a lustrous texture to the skin by absorbing excessive oil thus leaving the skin quite clear and soft. The harmful rays of the sun like the ultraviolet radiations are also filtered.

Not only does silk powder act like a natural moisturizer, it also assists in renewing old and damaged skin cells,
thus reducing the signs of aging.

Even pigmentation like blemishes and freckles is significantly reduced. The real color of the skin is restored as melanin production is considerably slowed down.

thanks to Sarah Lowe.for this insight into silk .2010
last updated 20th may 2013