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Green Mud is natural, so it suits most skin types, however we prefer that you have a full skin type analysis before you purchase a full range of products.

This enables us to provide the correct skin care for any problem skin.
Simply click on the Paypal button to pay the £25 (REFUNDABLE after your purchase £50 Green Mud product) Or to pay by another method email to
We will then send you the link for the extensive Questionaire to correctly establish your skin type. Fill in on line. Alternative postal arrangements can be made.Please state your postal address.
Don't keep on pouring the wrong products on your skin..Book your Skin typing NOW
Q: How many skin types are there? We divide the skin into sixteen types
Q: What do you take into account? Location, genetics, indoor environment, disposition, age, colouring.
Q: PAYPAL Do you need an account No, but if you have an account you do not have to put your information in each time...just log on and pay..
PAY FOR SKIN TYPE ANALYSIS £25 Skin Type Analysis (refundable with first purchase)

It is not enough to decide that you have oily/combination/dry/sensitive skin. Fir
stly skin falls into many sub types and also your location, lifestyle and genetics play an important part in your skin type.

For instance if you are Espanic and as a young person had an oily skin that does not dry out
with the heat and even arid conditions, but you smoke and are in air conditioned building all day, you will probably suffer from a dry sensitive skin.
Told that you have an oily skin you may still be treating your skin as such and putting drying products
on your skin that is now mopping up all the moisture.
We need to take into account lifestyle
Are you at the beach often, do you play sport and sweat?
Do you drink a lot of water or maybe soft drink? All this can affect your skin.

The Skin Type analysis we offer asks 50 questions to divide skin into 16 types.
This type is for now, this year and if next year you change your lifestyle you may need to be retyped.
Natural Products will encourage your skin to re-balance. The skin will slowly become trouble free and less sensitive.
Of course bad eating habit will nearly always lead to bad skin on those who are prone to skin problems

Please remember.....To get your skin type done for FREE you will need to purchase just £50 of our products from this website
Alternatively you can pay the £25 for a Skin Type Analysis and have it taken off your next order over £50